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Do you know an extra
kind company?

If so, nominate them
to officially become a
Kindness Certified Company!

Do you know a company that is good to their people, community, planet and world?

If so, nominate them to become a Kindness Certified Company (KCC).  It's super easy!

  1. Choose one of the buttons below.

    • Do you want to nominate only?

    • Do you want to surprise them and cover their certification fee?

    • Are you already a Kindness Certified Company and do you want to Pay It Forward?

  2. Complete the quick nomination form.

  3. Together, we infuse more kindness and joy into our workplaces, communities and world!

“I love the fact that I can nominate and give recognition to companies that care and lead with those values. It's easy, it makes a difference and it's what our communities need."

Asia Moore, CA

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